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website copy

All the text you put on your website falls under website copy. It includes headlines, descriptions, a list of services, and other important information you want to cover. An impactful copy would target the right audience, convey the brand image as clearly as possible, and deliver the required content concisely and accurately.

Why do you need a powerful website copy?

In the digital age, we need information quickly and without much effort. A good website copy would ensure just that. Emphasizing the right text, using a tone that would resonate with your audience just right, and writing catchy, engaging, and relevant content would make your brand stand out.

website copy

A well-written web copy ensures maximum engagement and adds to the user experience, and keeping up with the zeitgeist would increase the reach of your content. In simple words, you can increase the visibility of your brand, persuade people to make a purchase, and simultaneously build your brand image and identity just by writing a grasping website copy that your target consumers would relate to.

What are the keys to writing a compelling website copy?

You don’t have to be an expert to write a powerful website copy. Here are some simple tips that you can follow to make sure your business stands out just the way you want it to – 

Make a mark on your Landing page

The best way to make a good first impression would be to make the landing page reflect your brand in the most authentic way possible. Write a catchy headline that draws the viewer and interests them to explore more. You could use customer testimonials for an authentic touch that would instantly be relatable to the audience. Place call-to-action or CTAs on the landing page so it’s easier to navigate through the website and find the right items they are looking for. Use search-engine-optimized content to increase visibility and reach more people. 


Consumers often look for a unique brand voice that they can resonate with and that they feel aligns with their ethos. Using a more humanized and conversational tone on the landing page not only makes it easier to state your point clearly but also makes communication effective.

Microcopies are the real stars

These are small pieces of text – ideally a sentence or two – that act as instructions, disclaimers, or even descriptions. These are used both on the landing page and throughout the website. 

user friendly

Keep the microcopies concise, easy to understand, and meaningful to make your website more user-friendly and enhance their experience. Use action words, emphasize numbers, focus on an urgent appeal, and make sure you are conveying everything clearly at every step. Good microcopies can make all the difference.

Pay attention to the structure

How you structure your copy is very important when it comes to building an efficient UI/UX. Make sure you create a layout that makes browsing through the website effortless. Write subheadings that are intriguing and fun, create taglines, and use blurbs alongside longer descriptions. A well-structured copy, with short and crisp headlines, to-the-point content, and a logical organization  – paragraphs that have an introduction, body, and conclusion, correct spacing, and appropriate font size – can make your website go from beginner to professional.

Make everything clear, concise, and consistent

Keep in mind the 3 Cs of writing a good website copy. Make sure the copy you are writing can clearly state the brand’s vision. You might want to use fancy words to make everything sound flowery and fascinating, but be careful not to get carried away. Use simple sentences to enhance clarity


Remember, you need to make the content concise – less is more. Provide the information that the customer is looking for quickly – using as less words as possible –  and apply the graphic design principles to position them perfectly in your layout.

Once you have a brand voice, you would also want to be consistent across all channels to reinforce the brand image and connect more with the users.

Edit and then, edit some more

Once you have written the first draft, go through it multiple times and make as many corrections as you want. You can also get other opinions before finalizing the content. Keep revisiting the draft. Use the available tools to ensure there are no grammatical errors and the copy is 100% plagiarism-free. Read your copy thoroughly and you’ll know when you are ready to go.

Honesty is the best policy

Being ethical is crucial while writing for a website. Be honest and transparent when writing the descriptions, putting up testimonials, and explaining different processes. Customers always want genuine content and authentic approaches. Your honesty would make the customer feel connected and increase your brand’s credibility.

Take a look at the competitors


While it is crucial to focus on writing a perfect website copy, it is also important to understand what your competitors are doing in the market. A periodic analysis of competitors – their tones and CTAs – would help you get ahead of the curve and get an idea of what your target consumers might prefer. Contact Apostrophe Services for expert assistance in crafting a resonating and authentic copy that sets you apart from the competition.

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