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10 Game-changing Social Media Strategies

Social Media is at the core of the digital space today. Serving as the primary channel for communication, interaction, and engagement online, it drives the constantly changing needs of humans and creates a massive interconnected web of people across the globe. From TikTok trends to LinkedIn posts and witty tweets, brands are jumping on the bandwagon to make the most of the opportunity this medium provides. We have handpicked some of the latest trends that could level up your social media.

Growing Trends to keep an eye on

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Build a community

Focus more on building a social media community. While it is important to reach a wide audience, building a community of like-minded people – with similar preferences and purchasing ethos – is crucial to ensuring your brand is rightly conveying its values to the target audience. It also promotes more interaction and fosters engagement. Communities are also great if you want to receive constructive feedback!

Booming Influencer Marketing

Influencer Marketing for Small Businesses: How beneficial is it? Read.

Influencer marketing is among the most popular trends in digital marketing. Audiences connect with social media influencers and the latter often act as a channel to convey the brand’s values to the viewers. Modern consumers value transparency and authenticity and influencer marketing can humanize ideas to resonate with them and attract more traffic.

Short-form video

With the rise of reels and YouTube shorts, short-form videos have become the new favorites of the technologically savvy younger generation. Promoting your brand and its products in these 60-second videos using relevant hashtags would engage more viewers and drive more traffic to your page.

Social Media as a Source of Information

People who share news on social media are more susceptible to misinformation | News Co/Lab

Social media is not just a photo-sharing platform like it used to be; in the past few years it has evolved to be a medium where people get updates and news from, and even search for information by following relevant hashtags. Optimizing social media to make your consumers aware of your brand ethos and the products you are marketing and providing them with all the details that they might need to make a conscious choice.

Social media shops

Selling products through social media platforms like Instagram and Facebook has been quite beneficial, especially for small businesses. Approaching influencers with Affiliate commissions is impactful in generating sales. It is a cost and time-effective way to sell your products too – being able to purchase on the same platform they are discovering and exploring the products makes the purchasing process smoother and quicker while also allowing the brand to interact with its consumers.

AI is everywhere

Boosting Freelancer Power: 7 AI Tools for Enhanced Productivity and Creativity | by Gurvinder Singh Sodhi | Medium

AI is the newest booming technology. With the right intention and prompt, you could create high-end realistic visuals that draw viewers towards your brand. Use appropriate prompts to generate videos, add 3D textures, and appeal to the senses of your customers to give them a tactile feel of your products. You can also use AI to analyze large amounts of data and filter out the latest trends and relevant keywords and be on top of your game.

Specific targets aka Personalization

Defining Your Target Audience: Showcasing with Examples | Sender


Personalizing could look like a bunch of things. For the millions of people who spend quite a lot of time scrolling through social media, it can look like ads they resonate with, posts they want to engage with – polls and AMAs, and contests that persuade them to create more User Generated Content. Interacting them online by replying to their queries, and sharing their feedback can cultivate a long-term relationship with the customer.

Sharing is the best form of engagement

Understanding and aligning yourself with the algorithm is the most important part of optimizing social media. While liking and commenting are helpful ways for viewers to engage with your content, sharing is the most effective way to engage. Create and curate content that is both relatable and relevant. Making them resonate with the consumers would encourage them to share it on their stories, increasing your brand’s visibility and making the platform push your content to more viewers. Remember, sharing is caring.


Social media can be pretentious; being honest and transparent while posting can humanize your brand and make it easier to connect and engage with people. Authentic content, behind-the-scenes photos and videos, and rejected captions can all resonate with people more than the actual posts. Make sure to mix these with promotional and informational content and watch the rate of engagement increase.

Don’t forget SEO

7 Key Phases of SEO at a Glance

Using the right keywords is the key to reach your target consumer. Make sure to research keywords and use the most relevant ones. While keywords are normally considered an important part of blogging, they are just as important in social media. Use search engine-optimized keywords in your captions. Add alt texts and subtitles to make your posts more accessible and increase their reach. Keyword optimization is an often-ignored component but a genuine game changer in terms of social media.

How to tap into the Latest Social Media Marketing Strategies

Social Media Trends: Which to Ditch and Which to Try - GLC | Your Audience Awaits


Now that you are familiar with the trends you need to hop on to boost your reach and engagement, you might wonder how to integrate them into your present strategies. Start with assessing your social media presence and reach by conducting an audit. Gauge your reach across social media platforms and decide what platforms and what type of content you need to focus on. Once you have narrowed that down, optimize these trends effectively.

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