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Graphic designing trends

New trends reflect the dynamism in society and how these are being expressed through the ever-changing digital medium. Keeping up with the evolving needs and preferences as the world constantly changes is crucial to building a brand that would resonate with its consumers.

If you want your website to stand out and make an impact on your audience, Apostrophy’s got you covered. Fasten your seatbelts and jump on the hottest trends in Graphic Design. 2024 will be full of futuristic designs, humanized illustrations, and classics with a twist. 

The essence of the Earth

As the climate crisis is becoming a global concern, more brands have started moving towards sustainable alternatives. From packaging to typography and visuals, brands are trying to reflect their environment-friendly ethos on their website and social media profiles.

Earthy tones, natural brights, and nature-inspired textures are dominating the space, persuading the viewers to revert to nature through their lifestyles and purchasing practices. 


Gorgeous Geometry

Geometric shapes are re-entering the design space this year, both in the form of simple, soothing forms and alongside organic shapes to create a sharp contrast. Amidst the chaos around the world, and in the busy schedules most people have, these well-arranged, coherent shapes provide comfort and reassurance.

They are perfect to create a futuristic look or complement an organic, understated design – neat, defined, and versatile, geometry is the way to go.

AI-enhanced Visuals

AI trend

Futuristic is present. Designers are using AI to create hyper-realistic visuals, realistic textures, animations, and much more. Using AI tools to both generate context-appropriate color palettes and create high-end, futuristic visuals appeals to the dynamism in people’s tastes and addresses the design problems that arise.

Textured elements on packaging, or adding movement to a landing page, AI can be a great sidekick in saving time and providing your audience with extraordinary outcomes. 



While there have been multiple interpretations of the vintage trend, this year, in a unique combination, vintage aesthetics are meeting muted, minimalism. Vintage color palettes with as less elements as possible. Adding value by optimizing the negative space, or mixing a vintage font with a minimal aesthetic. It’s subtle, chic, and sophisticated.

Labels with retro fonts and a modern color palette, or an 80’s color scheme with a minimal, modern typography, vintage minimalism is all about harmony, and creating balance between the old and the new.

Bold is Beautiful

bold colur

Tapping on the maximalist ideas that are making a comeback this year, designers are mixing flashy colors with bold shapes and quirky fonts to embrace an out-of-the-box, creative approach. The vibrance catches people’s attention quickly and engages with them on an emotional level. Many brands are finding maximalist design elements the perfect way to convey their individuality and uniqueness.

With the help of AI and other digital assistants, brands are creating motion graphics that visually stimulate the audience and instantly get them on board with their ideas. The right use of design principles and a bold mix of elements can really up your brand’s game this year.

3D textured designs

3d colour

Going beyond the traditional approaches, 3D textured designs add an extra touch of realism to the visuals. Adding digital textures is a way of appealing the tactile sense of the consumer allowing them to experience the product without being in physical contact. Textures act as a stimulus for people to act on their desire to buy a product.

It can also be used as a fun element to engage the consumer or to convey an idea. Getting on board with this fresh and innovative trend is a step forward in the futuristic design path.


The principle is simple – break the rules, but keep the balance. The post-modernism of graphic design, this trend uses unconventional font hierarchies, an amalgamation of contrasting elements, breaking the laws of proportion, and everything non-conformist. This trend is perfect for brands that want to appeal to people’s perception of design and art and at the same time are not afraid to embrace new things. Anti-design captures the viewer’s attention and the unconventional effect makes the brand and its design memorable. 

Abstract Gradient

There’s going to be a splash of bold colors this year and a seamless blend of them is only going to add to the flattering effect, creating a sense of depth and realistic appeal. It can give your background a glow-up and add an intriguing touch to the whole design. It also allows the brand to play with the negative space on their packaging, or website, and make it more interesting. It is a great way to make your design memorable and create brand resonance.


Doodles are a great way to add a human touch to the design. Hand-drawn shapes, characters, or simple curves and lines can make your brand look unique or create a sense of movement. You can repeat a hand-drawn element across mediums, use a hand-drawn mascot, or just accent the design with funky lines and doodles It resonates with people and enhances the artistic charm, with a dash of the classic hand-crafted vibe that never goes out of fashion.

Diversity in Visuals


The world seems to finally come to terms with the fact that one size doesn’t fit everyone. Designers are now creating visuals keeping in mind the broad spectrum of race, ability, gender, and body types. Resonating with the diverse audiences or consumers a brand might have and their even more varied lived experiences is crucial to connecting with them on an emotional level. In 2024, it’s time to say no to the generic and be more open and diverse with your design choices.

Hop on these latest trends to make the visuals speak for your brand and instantly intrigue your audience. 


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