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Where can passion lead you? Well, with persistence and belief, it can create a US$3.2 billion company, as it did for Mr.Bose and his brainchild, Bose Corporation. Bose is one of the most popular audio brands for whom “Sound is Power.”. From automotive to live speakers, Bose provides the finest experience with their devices!

As a school guy in Philadelphia, Amar Gopal Bose would repair radios at his father’s hardware store as part-time work, both to earn money and to drive his passion for electronics. His passion soon took him to MIT to discover more.

In 1956, to celebrate his PhD, Dr. Bose got himself a high-end speaker. But it disappointed him so much that he began researching acoustics, thus founding the audio company in 1964 with his mentor, Y. W. Lee.

It was, however, Lee’s idea to use Bose as the company’s name since they weren’t sure of their future endeavors.

With the foundation of psychoacoustics, the study of perceiving sound, Bose created audio devices for enhancing the sounds. The first speaker made was speaker 2201, leading to the 901 sound system and more.

Mr. Bose and his love for sound were again seen in 1978, when he decided to create noise-canceling headphones, being dissatisfied with in-flight headphones.

The first users of these QC45 headphones were Dick Rutan and Jeana Yeager, the first people to fly across the globe non-stop in 1986!

Besides this, Bose Corporation is popular for its creative and intriguing ad campaigns too. Prominent marketing campaigns are the 2019 TVC to Show Great Sound and the collaboration with Donald Glover, marking his return to music creation.

Today, Bose Corporation is spread across the globe with more than 130 stores and a visible online presence. However, the first country to have their products after the USA was Germany in 1972!

To learn more, watch the film The Gift by Morgan Neville on YouTube.

Fun fact: Bose Corporation was always a private company that gave Dr. Amar Gopal Bose the liberty to research psychoacoustics.

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