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Blogging Trends To Look Out For In 2024

Blogging allows people to express their ideas openly and promotes discussion on various topics. With the emergence of different AI tools and tech giants focusing on SEO-leaning content, blogging has also managed to become a generator of revenue for writers and content creators, giving them access to a diverse audience. If you want to get into blogging, this is a great time, and here are some of the key trends that can help you kickstart!

Video Content

Short-form video content such as Instagram reels and YouTube shorts is becoming a widely used medium for influencers and bloggers to reach the maximum number of people. These could be anything from 15 to 90 seconds and can draw people in quickly.


Different audio platforms and tools that help with recording and editing have led this medium to be quite popular as well. Lifestyle, health, current affairs, and other relevant topics discussed through simple conversations often manage to attract a lot of viewers, especially when these are easily accessible across various platforms like YouTube and Spotify.

Influencer Marketing

This has emerged as a faster way to reach a large audience to collaborate with Influencers with massive following on social media platforms. Brands can access their target audience better and personalize the content for different people.

Focus on sustainability and Ethical Content

With the rising concerns regarding climate change post-Covid, the world has shifted towards more conscious and responsible choices. Hence, focusing on these areas would both help you reach the right audience and in the long run, would have a positive impact.

Interactive pieces

Interactive blogging includes polls, quizzes, and AMAs that lets the audience connect closely with the blogger and have a personalized tone that has the potential to resonate with them.


Microblogging platforms like Instagram, Twitter, Tumblr, and Reddit are becoming quite popular and are often preferred by people because of their short and crisp content.

Use of AI and ChatBots

Various AI tools and ChatBots are coming into prominence and are being used by brands as well as independent bloggers to cater better to their audience and connect to them more personally.

Visual Storytelling

Instagram, Pinterest, and other similar platforms are known to use visual elements to enhance the conveying ability of the content; memes, infographics, and short animated videos are some of the most popular examples of using this medium to the fullest.

So, hop on and incorporate these in your blog if you haven’t already, and watch it grow among your audience!

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